From Concept to Events

The Productioneers is Haarlem-based event agency and the essential partner for your event. We specialize in organizing a wide range of events ranging from conferences to memorable anniversary celebrations.

Our team works according to a clear principle: Your ideas are our starting point. Together with you, we make every effort to bring your vision to life.

Above all, our greatest motivation is to create a great experience for your visitors. We believe that a successful event tells a story, evokes emotions and leaves a lasting impression.

An overview of our events

We organize and produce various corporate events, from conferences and trade shows to corporate parties of all shapes and sizes. We also enjoy producing the larger private parties, for example a garden party, anniversary or birthday party.


While organizing an event, a lot comes your way. We understand better than anyone that planning and executing a successful event takes a lot of time and effort. We would like to relieve you of this process with our extensive expertise and dedication to ensure that your event runs smoothly, while you can fully focus on the content.

We help you organize your event from concept to execution! First, we sit down with you to see what the purpose of the event is. From this goal, we proceed to concept development. Once a concept is created, we start producing. From technology to power supply, from traffic plan to catering and from furniture to signing. We oversee all facets of the production of your event.

The Productioneers are a full service event agency and technical producer. You get a partner who handles every aspect of your event with attention and care, from initial concept to final execution.

With years of experience in the industry and a wide network of reliable, quality suppliers, we can support any business or organization, regardless of the size or complexity of the event. Whether you are planning an intimate business meeting or a large public event, we are here to take care of all your needs.

Our Event Services

As true producers, we like to think with our clients from the very first moment to create an appropriate concept, flawless preparation and a unique event. That makes our work varied and challenging, which we enjoy!

Creative Concept Development

We believe that a (business) event should not only be informative, but also inspiring and engaging. Our creative team helps develop a unique concept and theme for your event, leaving a lasting impression on participants.

Location and Logistics

We help you select the most suitable location for your event, taking into account factors such as capacity, accessibility and facilities. We also ensure flawless logistical planning, including temporary accommodation, transportation and catering.

Technical Production

As a technical producer, we make sure your event is equipped with all the faculties needed to make your event a success. Think of all technical matters such as: Lighting, sound installation and video screens. But also the furniture, during infrastructure, tents and fences. This way you do not have to worry about any peripheral issues and you are assured of a professional and great experience for your participants.

Event Management and Coordination

On the days of the event, we take care of set-up and our producers keep an overview. On the day of your event, our professional event managers make sure everything runs smoothly. From guiding participants to the right rooms to solving any logistical challenges, we coordinate every aspect of your conference. After the event, we make sure the venue is returned empty and clean. In other words, we unburden you and offer total solutions for every event.

Site Production

Do you already have the interpretation of your event (partially) worked out and produced? Then we can also only take the overlay management of your event off your hands. We transform your (event) venue so that it is ready to host your event. Overlay management includes all the temporary infrastructure needed to support your venue. This includes tents, power, utilities, fences, flooring, lighting, signage, etc. 

Brainstorming and Advice

At The Productioneers, we are not only ready to make your event a reality, but also to think with you in the very early stages of the concept. Whether you have a rough vision or simply a glimmer of inspiration, our team will dive into a brainstorming session with you. Together, we discover creative angles, potential challenges and optimal solutions. You benefit from our expert advice so that your event not only runs smoothly, but also makes a real impact. The Productioneers: your partner in the entire process, from the first idea to the final evaluation.


Custom solutions: We understand that every event is unique. That's why we offer customized solutions to fit your specific goals and budget. From small business meetings to large-scale international events, we customize our services to meet your needs.

Complete Relief: We take full responsibility for organizing your event. From finding the perfect venue and arranging technical facilities to managing logistics, catering and decorating - we ensure that every aspect of your event is taken care of to perfection.

Experience and Expertise: With our years of experience in the event industry, we have had the pleasure of producing and organizing many an event. Our team of professionals has in-depth knowledge and expertise to meet all your requirements. We also have an extensive network of partners and suppliers.


Ready to make your event a success? Contact us today and find out how The Productioneers can unburden you and together we can create an unforgettable event.

Address: Jan van Krimpenweg 9F - 2031 CE - Haarlem