The Magic Behind ABT's Innovation Day: A Look Inside The Productioneers' Kitchen

It's all in the details. Those little moments, when Technology, Design and human interaction come together and create a magical moment. At ABT's Innovation Day, held at the Lichtfabriek in Haarlem, there were plenty of such moments. And at The Productioneers, we are proud to have been a part of it.

Collaboration Central

An event of this magnitude cannot happen without the commitment of numerous partners. As the spider in the web, we ensure that we select the right partner and everything runs smoothly. We keep the overview and make adjustments where necessary.

In conclusion

At The Productioneers, we believe that every event has a story to tell. Our job is to bring that story to life, in all its glory and detail. ABT's Innovation Day was a brilliant chapter in our ongoing adventure. And with partners and clients like ABT, we look forward to many more inspiring stories in the future!


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From Concept to Reality

When ABT approached us with the idea for their 70th anniversary, we knew this would be a special project. Their rich history of innovation within the construction industry, combined with their vision for the future, was something we were eager to contribute our creative and technical expertise to.

The Heart of Production

Our role? To translate that vision into a physical reality. That meant creating a stage for speakers who wanted to share their stories. But also setting up the various Innovation Labs. This included setting up technical demos, ensuring the right light and sound, and supervising interactive sessions where visitors could make their own sustainable concrete or experience the wonders of Local Air Conditioning.