The Productioneers like to explain to you the difference between live streaming an event and a hybrid event?

The major difference between live streaming an event and a hybrid event is that in the latter, the focus is on interaction. The online audience must absorb the same content and experience at the same time. Whereas the purpose of a live stream is often to broadcast information, the power of a hybrid event lies in engaging the audience and expanding your reach.

Hybrid events not only provide a lot of content and value, they also generate a lot of interesting data. In addition, (international) guests no longer have to travel long distances. This is not only better for the environment, but also saves a lot of time and money! This makes participation in the event a low threshold and therefore more people will 'attend' and the reach of your event is greater. 

We've listed some points of interest for hosting a hybrid event:

  • Let your online viewers participate via chat and poll questions. Online, people are more likely to raise their hands and dare to ask questions. As a result, you get more interaction from the digital environment, which also affects the audience.

  • Provide a studio setup with multiple cameras and dynamic images. This will keep online viewers interested.

  • Don't make the online part too long; the attention span of people watching from behind their PCs or phones is shorter than that of physical guests.

  • Provide a good platform for online guests to meet and ask questions.

  • Make sure the entertainment at your event is something that both physically present and online guests can participate in

hybrid events remain

Hybrid events are here to stay. Still, a hybrid format where the online and physical audiences are served simultaneously can be organizationally, financially and technologically demanding. Therefore, we like to think about a hybrid event where the same content is conveyed separately to the physical and online guests.

What works well is an end-of-day talk show for the online viewers in which the highlights and valuable moments of the day are reviewed with speakers and event organizers. Instead of talking about the event with each other over drinks, this is done during a talk show for and with the online guests. This allows another Q&A for viewers and links to all the day's content that will come online later.

Hybrid event for ProRail

Content after your event

It's a waste to keep all the knowledge shared at your event by your speakers only for the physically present. Let us not only live stream your event, but also capture and edit it so you can build a database of all the knowledge for each event. Your event guests or other interested parties will then have access to all that valuable knowledge after the event!

Because; a physical event stops at the end of the day, but a hybrid event does not. Afterwards, this way both the online and physical audience can reminisce about the event. Make sure that all key note speeches and other highlights are accessible online and that interaction between visitors, as well as visitors and exhibitors, for example, is still possible. Be sure to read more on our Content Creation page.

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