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Are you looking for a livestream studio that will flexible versatile accessible is?


Our studio has a number of standard setups complete with furniture and decor that can be fully customized to match your corporate identity.


Whether you want to record a webinar or a full online talk show. It's all possible at Studio The Productioneers. The Technical possibilities are almost endless.


Our studio is within walking distance of the train station. In addition, we have plenty of parking spaces where you and your guests can park for free.

More Than Just a Studio

Studio The Productioneers is the perfect location for your online event, webinar or live stream.

Our studio is fully equipped and offers a professional and contemporary feel. Whether it's a business presentation, talk show, webinar or panel discussion, our studio has everything you need for a successful live stream. We offer full support and guidance, with a dedicated project manager who is happy to think with you about the shape and content of your online event. So you are completely unburdened and assured of a successful livestream.

Our webinar studio is fully equipped and lends itself perfectly to your livestreams, webinars, talk shows and online conferences. The livestream and webinar studio comes standard with a large screen, a table or desk, multiple PTZ cameras and experienced technicians. The layout of the webinar studio is easily customizable to ensure that the look and feel fully suits your company, brand or product.

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Our Studio

Complete and Complete

Excellent facilities

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Comprehensive capabilities

For your webinar at Studio The Productioneers

Our studio offers extensive options for your webinar. With a flexible setting that can be easily adapted to your needs and virtually endless technical possibilities, we will make your online event a success.


Our advanced control room allows speakers to dial in virtually and not have to be physically present in the studio. This saves time, money and is also sustainable.

Online platform

Our proprietary online platform provides interaction during your webinar. Viewers can chat live with the studio, ask questions and answer statements.


Would you like to publish the webinar afterwards? We are happy to edit the broadcast for you and cut all parts loose if you wish.


We can fully design your webinar in your corporate identity with a leader, bumper and name tags. A screenbug is also possible, just like on television.

Director or showcaller

Our years of experience and technical expertise make us the ideal partner for directing your webinar, talk show or online event. In preparation, we are happy to advise you on the best way to get your message across and during the broadcast, we take all technical aspects off your hands so you can focus on the content.

Livestream on location

If our studio is not suitable for your specific online event or the desired date is no longer available, we will gladly come to your location to set up our mobile studio for a perfect on-site webinar.



maximal 2 persons*
  • Webinar
  • 2 Cameras
  • 2 Technicians
  • Basic technique


Maximum of 5 people*
  • Own Talkshow
  • 4 Cameras
  • 3 Technicians
  • Basic technique


The possibilities are endless
On request
  • If your requirements do not fit within a standard package, we are happy to create a custom solution.
  • For example, do you want a studio at a private location or as part of a larger event?

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